Purple lines signify Phase 1 of our trip (Costa Rica/Central America). Green lines signify Phase 2 of our trip (South America). Red lines signify Phase 3 of our trip (Asia, Middle East, Europe).

A close-up of our travels throughout Costa Rica and into Panama during Phase 1.

A close-up of our travels in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru during Phase 2.

A close-up of our trip through Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina during Phase 2.

A view of our travels through Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Dubai during Phase 3.

A look at our trip through the Middle East and the Mediterranean including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece during Phase 3.

A peek at the final section of our trip through Italy, Morocco, Spain, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium with some other family members during Phase 3.

After Brussels, Corbin went back to the US to work over the summer while the rest of the family went to Malaga, Spain for a few more weeks of immersion in Spanish before returning back to the States.