“And how did you convince your kids to go along with this plan?”

I get this question a lot from other parents of teens.  To be honest, we didn’t really give them much of a choice.  We are also lucky. Asher had just wrapped up 8th grade at Yu Ming Charter School, and his classmates were going to a dozen different high schools anyway, so he was atContinue reading ““And how did you convince your kids to go along with this plan?””

Why a family gap year?

Over the past 20 years, during our dreamy “what-if?” conversations, James and I have often talked about living outside the U.S. and travelling internationally. We wanted our kids to develop a broader perspective by experiencing life outside our privileged Bay Area bubble, and we wanted to show them some of the amazing things in theContinue reading “Why a family gap year?”

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our blog!

When I suggested that we start a family blog about our family “gap year,” the kids mocked me: “A blog?! Who even reads blogs anymore?” Apparently, people who are not teenagers…since it’s been my friends and acquaintances who have asked about one. Besides keeping our friends and family up-to-date on our escapades, I hope itContinue reading “¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our blog!”