Things I miss about/from America

 1. My own room 2. Good wifi 3. Having lots of space 4. Costco 5. Mom’s cooking 6. Amazon Alexa 7. My computer 8. Cheesesteak Shop 9. Perfect weather 10. Vegetables  The thing I think I miss the most is my own room because while traveling my family shares a room and to be honestContinue reading “Things I miss about/from America”

Foods that I think are YUMMY that we’ve had while traveling in Cambodia. “

Boba Mango leather thingy Rice and Pork Soy milk Fried noodles Baos Sugar cane juice Boba!  Contents: Black tea, condensed milk, and tapioca pearls. Mango leather! Contents: Mango, Mango, mangos! Rice & Pork! It’s a commonly eaten breakfast dish. We’ve had it many times. Contents: Pork, steamed rice, fried egg (sometimes), little pickled veggies. SoyContinue reading “Foods that I think are YUMMY that we’ve had while traveling in Cambodia. “”

MVP of Phase 2: the Sawyer water filter

The new purchase* with the most stars in the Lee-Breeden family rating system is our new Sawyer water filtration system. Nearly all the countries we have visited so far have lacked tap water sufficiently filtered for the delicate GI systems of us coddled Americans. The Sawyer system is lightweight, easy to use, works fast, andContinue reading “MVP of Phase 2: the Sawyer water filter”

On the merits of spontaneity, especially while traveling during COVID. 

As of just 48 hours prior to landing here in Phnom Penh, we were still unsure whether we would be going to Cambodia or Egypt next. Today we need to figure out how we will get to Sen Mororum tomorrow for our 4 days of volunteering with the Elephant Valley Project. We haven’t yet bookedContinue reading “On the merits of spontaneity, especially while traveling during COVID. “

In Search Of: Cash in Argentina

Argentina has stunning natural beauty, stylish people, excellent Malbec and delicious ice cream in abundance. What they lack is smart monetary policy, at least from a tourist’s perspective.1 Before leaving for Southeast Asia this morning, James and I decided to visit the ATM for more U.S. dollars cash, just in case, because we are nowContinue reading “In Search Of: Cash in Argentina”

My frog obsession part 1

I’ve had an obsession over frogs for a little while now. (Starting in 2019ish maybe, I honestly don’t know.) I’ve spent some time thinking about why I have this really really stupid obsession. I think it’s because frogs are such weird and cool animals. But more likely it’s because my older cousin Dante has aContinue reading “My frog obsession part 1”