Things I miss about/from America

 1. My own room

2. Good wifi

3. Having lots of space

4. Costco

5. Mom’s cooking

6. Amazon Alexa

7. My computer

8. Cheesesteak Shop

9. Perfect weather

10. Vegetables 

The thing I think I miss the most is my own room because while traveling my family shares a room and to be honest there’s very little time to be alone. Yes, I can tell them I’m taking alone time. However, they have to plan and a lot of other things that require disturbing my peace. Personally I think that the essence of alone time is to have some space between you and humanity, and you can’t have that when your family is blabbing about trip planning. 

The thing I miss the second most is definitely good wifi because while we are traveling we stay in a various combination between airbnbs and hotels. Though most of those have decent wifi there’s never any guarantee and even like the Doubletree by Hilton or aloft by Hilton don’t have great wifi because they have to make sure it reaches every room and floor so you may be in a room farther away from the wifi router therefore reducing its speed. There’s also the factor that more often than not the quality of the wifi is connected to the city or even the country, and not just the building where it has better or worse wifi/internet access.

The thing I miss the third most is having a lot of space and while this is connected to alone time, I also think it deserves its own explanation. So here’s why I think I miss having a lot of space. I like having a lot of space because I like having a sense of freedom and being stuffed in a small apartment or hotel room next to your family where you can hear basically every word they’re saying is rather unpleasant, and that’s only putting it lightly.

Number 4 on the list is Costco because of its ridiculously large selection of ingredients, furniture, and a variety of other items. Its sheer size of the building, quality, and quantity of the merchandise is at the very least astounding. I love Costco for all of it’s little features and aspects, from the free taste tests of products to it’s cheap high quality goods. We have not found any store as impressive as Costco in other countries.

The 5th thing I miss most is mom’s cooking because I don’t have to leave my house to eat it and also because it’s delicious. 

The thing I probably miss the 6th most is Amazon Alexa because it is really convenient to be able to ask anything at any time without needing to look at a device. In addition to that I can hide in my room and play music with good sound quality and I can play basically any song. 

The thing that I miss the seventh most is my computer because it has the games I want to play on it and it was the only device I could use to do any online stuff like playing video games, watching videos and streams, and more broad searches. I’m also very grateful that I had this since I didn’t have a phone at the time.

The 8th thing I miss most is the Cheesesteak Shop. To be honest there’s not very much about this place, but I like the food 🙂

The second to last thing I miss most is the perfect weather where we live in Oakland. The reason this is the last is because weather is easily adaptable to. However, I really like perfect weather and so I miss it.

The last thing I miss most is very very surprisingly vegetables because the vegetables on this trip have so far been pretty bad. This is due to the fact that basically every country serves a lot of the same vegetables: tomatoes, onions, potatoes, lettuce. It gets really really boring having those 4 vegetables for almost the entirety of the last like 3-5 months. (I honestly have no idea how long it’s been.

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