Comparison of La Sagrada Familia (the Gaudi church) and Casa Batllò (the house Gaudi designed)

La Sagrada Familia Huge single room interior/common space for anyone who wantsreligiousWeird blocky statuesPublicHuge on both the outside and inside.Not finished yet – 145 years and still goingBuilt from scratch Casa BatllòMultiple roomsResidentialMulti-floored PrivateCompleted by Gaudi in his lifetimeBig in on the outside, Smallish rooms on the inside, but lots of them. Similarities Weird colors/patternsTallContinue reading “Comparison of La Sagrada Familia (the Gaudi church) and Casa Batllò (the house Gaudi designed)”

Things I miss about/from America

 1. My own room 2. Good wifi 3. Having lots of space 4. Costco 5. Mom’s cooking 6. Amazon Alexa 7. My computer 8. Cheesesteak Shop 9. Perfect weather 10. Vegetables  The thing I think I miss the most is my own room because while traveling my family shares a room and to be honestContinue reading “Things I miss about/from America”

Ice Sculptures in Perito Moreno

When we went to Perito Moreno glacier near El Calafate, Argentina my dad and I pointed out what different hunks of ice looked like. Here are some along with a picture. 1. In this picture we saw 2 penguins. But can you find the penguins?  2. Now it’s broken in two, one of our penguinsContinue reading “Ice Sculptures in Perito Moreno”

My frog obsession part 1

I’ve had an obsession over frogs for a little while now. (Starting in 2019ish maybe, I honestly don’t know.) I’ve spent some time thinking about why I have this really really stupid obsession. I think it’s because frogs are such weird and cool animals. But more likely it’s because my older cousin Dante has aContinue reading “My frog obsession part 1”