In Search Of: Cash in Argentina

Argentina has stunning natural beauty, stylish people, excellent Malbec and delicious ice cream in abundance. What they lack is smart monetary policy, at least from a tourist’s perspective.1 Before leaving for Southeast Asia this morning, James and I decided to visit the ATM for more U.S. dollars cash, just in case, because we are nowContinue reading “In Search Of: Cash in Argentina”

The 47,000 step Patagonia hike 

I had read that the Mount Fitz Roy hike in El Chalten was very difficult. I may have neglected to tell the rest of the family…. We woke up at around 8:45, had a quick breakfast, and took a taxi 30 minutes to the Hostería El Pilar. Normally, hikers start in El Chalten and goContinue reading “The 47,000 step Patagonia hike “

Our Favorite Patagonia Hike

Towards the end of our Phase 2 travels in South America, we visited the Patagonia region in Argentina. It was December when we visited, so it was the middle of summer. Due to Patagonia being so far south, the sun didn’t set until around 10pm. After flying from Buenos Aires to El Calafate and stayingContinue reading “Our Favorite Patagonia Hike”

Ice Sculptures in Perito Moreno

When we went to Perito Moreno glacier near El Calafate, Argentina my dad and I pointed out what different hunks of ice looked like. Here are some along with a picture. 1. In this picture we saw 2 penguins. But can you find the penguins?  2. Now it’s broken in two, one of our penguinsContinue reading “Ice Sculptures in Perito Moreno”