Temples, Temples, Temples

After Angkor Wat on the first day, we stopped and had a nice lunch before continuing on the small circuit of the Angkor Wat Complex. Seeing the less well-known temples was just as amazing since all the temples are unique in their own ways.  The first post-lunch spot was the Tree Temple (Ta Prohm). KnownContinue reading “Temples, Temples, Temples”

The 47,000 step Patagonia hike 

I had read that the Mount Fitz Roy hike in El Chalten was very difficult. I may have neglected to tell the rest of the family…. We woke up at around 8:45, had a quick breakfast, and took a taxi 30 minutes to the Hostería El Pilar. Normally, hikers start in El Chalten and goContinue reading “The 47,000 step Patagonia hike “

Our Favorite Patagonia Hike

Towards the end of our Phase 2 travels in South America, we visited the Patagonia region in Argentina. It was December when we visited, so it was the middle of summer. Due to Patagonia being so far south, the sun didn’t set until around 10pm. After flying from Buenos Aires to El Calafate and stayingContinue reading “Our Favorite Patagonia Hike”

Guide to Building a South American Metropolis

Did you just liberate people from decades of colonial oppression and want to make a good first impression? Here’s my guide to help you build the next great South American destination! During Phase 2 of our travels, we spent a significant portion of our time in large South American cities. We stayed in Quito (theContinue reading “Guide to Building a South American Metropolis”

The Panama Canal: Avenue of the Martyrs

When we visited the Panama Canal, we also learned some interesting and surprising things about the history of the Canal. After construction of the Panama Canal was finished, the land surrounding the Canal was known as the Canal Zone and was owned by America. It was fenced off and separate from the surrounding land ofContinue reading “The Panama Canal: Avenue of the Martyrs”

The Panama Canal: Miraflores Locks

Last week, we had to leave Costa Rica so we wouldn’t overstay the 90 days of our visa. We visited Panama for a couple days. Of course, everyone has heard of the Panama Canal and it is probably what Panama is most famous for.  The canal was finished in 1914 and has operated non-stop (24/7,Continue reading “The Panama Canal: Miraflores Locks”