Comparison of La Sagrada Familia (the Gaudi church) and Casa Batllò (the house Gaudi designed)

La Sagrada Familia
Huge single room interior/common space for anyone who wants
Weird blocky statues
Huge on both the outside and inside.
Not finished yet – 145 years and still going
Built from scratch

Casa Batllò
Multiple rooms
Completed by Gaudi in his lifetime
Big in on the outside, Smallish rooms on the inside, but lots of them.

Weird colors/patterns
Tall Interior and exterior
Built to hold a lot of people
Stained/colored glass/window panes
Both Standout(next to other building or surrounding area)
Intricate details
lots of mosaics inspired by organic and natural shapes, not normal rectangles

My opinion
Overall I prefer the Gaudi house over the church because the house is more functional than the church. In addition the house is functional and still so unique. While the church serves only one function, religion.

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