Asher’s Drawings

Ever since we’ve started our world trip I’ve been writing in my journal almost everyday  (as requested), days that I miss are caught up on in the future. Every time I write in my journal I do three gratitudes and a drawing. And now I want to share my favorite drawings and gratitude with you. My first drawing is a pineapple:

 My family and I saw a Pineapple while we were walking on the beach in Garza, Costa Rica on the 22nd of July. I thought we should put it somewhere we could find it on the way back from our walk along the beach. So I buried it halfway in the sand and put a stick in the sand and said: “If there’s a stick there’s a pineapple.” And when we came back along the beach we found the pineapple and brought it back to the host family. Several days later our Costa Rican Host Mom cut it open and it was bad. 😦

My second drawing is by far my favorite… A PIG IN AN ICE CREAM CONE!!!!!

Honestly, I saw this picture on the web and drew it (by myself not with a tutorial). But it’s cute, no story behind it, I just drew it because I wanted to. This was drawn on the 19th of August in Samara, Costa Rica.

My third drawing is my Corb on a cob drawing:

I just mocked Corbin alright. I decided hey it works! And drew it. This was drawn on the 28th of August In Samara, Costa Rica.

My fourth drawing is named: The Great Turtle Race! My family and I went to Camaronal to help on a turtle refuge. While we were there we set baby turtles free four times. Each time we raced and named some turtles that we bet on to win. And I have good luck so every time I won. For the first race my brother Corbin, and my dad and I competed…. The turtle I named was Fredrica the 3rd, the turtle my dad named was James (yeah I know, LAME!!! Just name it after yourself, sure why not!). My brother’s named turtle was Corbin. Also LAME!. I won the bet and my turtle won the race. The second turtle race my dad and I competed, and I won again with Victoria the 75th. My dad had two turtles. He named one Shelly (2nd place), and the other was named Hardback (3rd place). For the third turtle race I competed in, only one turtle who was left behind in the hatchery was competing. I named said turtle Karina, and since Karina was the only turtle racing, she won. For the fourth turtle race, my dad and I competed, and we each named three turtles. I got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! 1st place was Asmodeus, 2nd place was Liana, and third place was Akiko. Is it really worth naming the turtles my dad named, since he lost so badly? His turtles were named Mishelle, Shelldon, and Harden. It was really fun competing in the turtle races. Well, for me anyways!

This was drawn on the 18th of September in Camaronal, Costa Rica.

My fifth drawing was a potted plant. I don’t know why I drew it. Honestly probably just because I felt like it and couldn’t think of anything else to draw.

This was drawn on the 8th of October in Samara, Costa Rica.

I drew the sixth drawing in art class at Liceo Samara. Let me explain. When we moved to Samara from Garza, my parents said, “Hey you’re gonna go to the local high school to learn more spanish and understand local culture!” So they threw me into school. Even though when I agreed to go on the world trip I agreed that meant I had no school except the first 2 weeks of Spanish school in Costa Rica, which turned into 4 weeks, so I was a little mad about that. So yeah, I have classes now so I drew this in art class.

This was drawn on the 6th of October in Torito, Costa Rica (about 4 kilometers from Samara, Costa Rica). 

And my 7th and currently final drawing that I’m going to show you was also drawn in class for fun. (not in art class but in music class. Some days, school is just more like babysitting. The teacher comes into the classroom and people sit in their seats and do their own stuff or talk to friends or the teacher. This was one of those cases.)

This was drawn on the 20th of October in Torito, Costa Rica.

*Hope you liked the drawings and stories behind them!*

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