We woke up at 7:00am under mosquito nets in our homestay on the top floor of a pretty rustic wooden home. Then we ate a Cambodian traditional breakfast of rice and pork with vegetables. Then we finished getting ready, got into a truck at about 8:00am, drove to the river, and got onto a long one-person-wide canoe-like boat. When we sat in the boat we could touch the water just by sticking our fingertips over the edge of our boat. Once we were in the boat, we drove 45 minutes upstream to a village and explored it. Then we drove back for around an hour to get to their “headquarters” where we ate lunch and had more pork and rice. Afterward, we got onto the back of a motorcycle and drove for an hour on a painfully sandy road to get to our campsite and to the jungle (was really fun). We had some time to rest and then we went on a short hike in a loop to see resin trees. When we got back to camp at around 6:00pm, we ate dinner and went to bed early. 

The next morning we got up at 3:45am and after plenty of complaints (by me) we were ready to go see gibbons. We went on a long walk for around an hour and a half to a couple of tables and benches. We heard a strange sandy shuffling sound and it was termites communicating and walking around! There were around probably thousands (to be honest I have no idea how many there were but I think it’s safe to say there were a lot) in a long line going somewhere. We waited there for about an hour when we heard the gibbons and ran into the jungle looking for them. We chased the sound for around another hour. Then we finally found the gibbons and watched them for a while. And in the meantime, we ate really dry boring bread with a little bit of scrambled eggs and low-quality pork. After that, we went back to camp and on the way saw a pitcher plant. Mom and the guide also saw a tarantula nest and held up the group for a while. In the meantime, dad really had to poo so he went off the path and did unspoken things (wonder what that could’ve been). When mom finally got there she brought dad some weird soft paper-like thing (toilet paper). Then we made it back to camp where we had lunch and got on a motorcycle for our ride back to the river where we got on a fair and crossed the river. After that, we drove back to BanLung. The End

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