My blog post about blog posts

I was asked to do ANOTHER blog post so I decided I would do one about why I shouldn’t have to write more blog posts. And yes, who would’ve thought I didn’t like doing blog bosts.

Reason 1. When we first had a family meeting about doing a blog I very strongly vetoed the idea.

Reason 2. I am currently doing the most if not the second most blog posts, dad has done like 1 and Corbin has done I don’t know how many but he didn’t write all of the ones he posted, Mom has done like 6-10 and I’ve done 8(including this one). So I feel like until at least dad has done 5 posts then I shouldn’t have to do any more.

Reason 3. Because I don’t want to.

2 thoughts on “My blog post about blog posts

  1. This is too funny! I remember my mom forcing me to journal so that I would become a better writer, to do math books in the summer so that I wouldn’t fall behind, memorize words from the dictionary, and learn at museums. She would have my younger sister and me pick out 5-10 postcards depicting pieces in the museum from the museum gallery then we had to go find each piece and write what we learned or how we felt about each piece on the postcard. I thought it was a drag but I am thankful for her dragging us around the world, we had to see that it does not revolve around the United States. You will thank your parents one day, try not to fight with your brother too much, and soak up these experiences without your phone as much as you can. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. It is a privilege.


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