Happy little moments

From the Hammock of James – It’s Hammock Time

Wow, my blogging is inconsistent.  We are halfway through our gap year and I’m on my second blog.  I just want to take a moment to note one of my favorite small memories from each country.

We Spent four months in Costa Rica and there were so many awesome moments.  One day we were at the beach in Playa Samara and a huge flock of birds were diving into the ocean over and over again.  Gloria and I waded out into the dive area and there were thousands of anchovies pinging out of the water.  One flew into Glo’s rashguard and got stuck in her sleeve – safe from tuna and birds – until she tossed it back into the circle of life.  

We jumped to Panama after our first 3 months in Costa Rica.  The canal and our overnight stay with the Emberá were great but when our guide took us to get lunch we saw a Dairy Queen.  We tried to get DQ in honor of my mother but it wasn’t open yet so we just took a selfie to send to her.   

In Ecuador, they have giant swing sets on the edge of a cliff so you swing out over the abyss.  Some of them were great.  The original End of the World swing is outside Banos.  The swing was great, but even more fun was watching the kids try to outdo each other on the parallel zip lines – racing, crazy poses, etc. 

In Columbia, we took the funicular to the top of Monserrate overlooking Bogota.  I wasn’t expecting much.  The view was nice but then the sun turned rose red and the view became sublime.  After being mesmerized by the sunset, we noticed they had turned on the Christmas lights and there were light arches, angels, Koi, etc.  As we came down the funicular, we went through a tunnel of Christmas lights with the night sky of Bogota in the background.  

In Peru, we stopped to get some empanadas for breakfast. Within seconds of exiting the restaurant an enterprising gaggle of girls had heaved baby alpacas into Corbin’s and Gloria’s arms and posed around them for pictures. The picture was cute but the speed and efficiency of their ambush was most impressive.   

We arrived in Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay on Sunday, December 26th.  We checked into our $15 room and went to find lunch.  We walked and walked in the 95 degree heat, but everything in town was closed – no corner stores, restaurants, grocery stores.  The city is known for giant malls which Brazilians and Argentinians cross the border to shop in.  However, only one mall was open: Shopping Paris.  Four story mega mall with a mediocre food court.  We stocked up.  

We spared a whole 6 hours to explore Brazil which is roughly the size of the contiguous US.  Crossed over the border from Paraguay to see Iguazu Falls.  The Brazilian side of Iguazu was great, at first mildly impressive, but crescendoing with every new viewpoint in our 2 kilometer hike.  

Near Chalten, Argentina in Patagonia we hiked to the Laguna De Los Tres at the base of Fitz Roy. About 8 miles in and up a set of steep hills we ended at a gorgeous glacier lake and an amazing view.  We ate the yummy food Glo had packed for us and watched as a red fox wandered up and eyed us.

We’ve had an amazing first six months with an incredible list of greatest hits. We wont forget Machu Picchu or the Galapagos. But I do worry that, without attention, all those little moments will fade – moments we shared which lightened our souls, expanded our hearts, opened our minds, or bound our family together. I know that even as we forget the specifics, we are still changed individually and as a family.


One thought on “Happy little moments

  1. Loved your “Happy Hammock Moments”. I didn’t realize what a good writer you are. You held my attention every moment… and the photos were delightful. Thanks for making the effort to share these. I sent them on to some family. Love to all of you. Glad you made it to Thailand… and had DQ on the way!! mom

    On Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 12:11 AM Chasing Chicharrones wrote:

    > James Breeden posted: ” From the Hammock of James – It’s Hammock Time Wow, > my blogging is inconsistent. We are halfway through our gap year and I’m > on my second blog. I just want to take a moment to note one of my favorite > small memories from each country. ” >


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