Foods that I think are YUMMY that we’ve had while traveling in Cambodia. “

  1. Boba
  2. Mango leather thingy
  3. Rice and Pork
  4. Soy milk
  5. Fried noodles
  6. Baos
  7. Sugar cane juice


Contents: Black tea, condensed milk, and tapioca pearls.

Mango leather!

Contents: Mango, Mango, mangos!

Rice & Pork! It’s a commonly eaten breakfast dish. We’ve had it many times.

Contents: Pork, steamed rice, fried egg (sometimes), little pickled veggies.

Soy milk!

Contents: water, soybean, sugar and a bunch of other things for boxed soy milk.

Fried noodles!

Contents: Instant Ramen noodles, onions, garlic,  bean sprouts, meat, vegetable, soy sauce, and sweet chili sauce.


Contents: Steamed bread, meat, and vegetables.

Sugar cane juice!

Contents: Squished sugar cane, lime, and ice.

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