From the Hammock of James 11/13/21

I knew it would happen.  I was in charge of planning flights and lodgings.  Many of you know that I am not very good at organizing, calendars, etc.  We got to Costa Rica without any problems – jumped through all the right hoops like QR health codes, flight tickets out within 90 days, and vaccination papers.   

82 days later, we flew into Panama without a hitch.  The canal and old city tour was way cooler than expected and Dennis Roberts, our great guide, even allowed us to indulge our need for an ice cream break. Our private tour to a less touristy Embera village for an overnight stay was amazing. Garceth Cunampio (born and raised Embera, educated in Panama City and Oregon) has tons of knowledge about and connections with the Embera.  

I’m positive, my family will never mention that I’m a bit of a nightmare right before traveling.  From snappish the day before to wanting to get on the plane ASAP.  I guess I feel that once we are on the plane, it’s out of my hands and I can let go.  I hope this will change as the amount of travel is about to ratchet up considerably. 

Of course, just as I was congratulating myself on a great trip to Panama, IT happened.  I didn’t have QR health codes ready to get back to Costa Rica.  Fortunately, our amazing guide, Dennis Roberts had offered to take us to the airport and strongly suggested that we be at least 2 hours early.  Also, my family stepped up and Corbin, Gloria, and I were all entering in information as fast as we could.  Asher would have helped “if only you guys got me a phone”.  We made the flight with time to spare so everything was good, but I’m fully prepared for the family to chant “remember when daddy forgot to get the QR codes” every time we clear customs. 

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