From the Hammock of James – Most Surprising Country – Lebanon

While we were in Egypt we spent 3 days on a Nile cruise.  Our tour group included a lovely Brazilian couple who got engaged right after our cruise, an American travel-blogger from Atlanta, a French couple, and 3 young men (late 20’s) from Lebanon.  The three young men: Ali, Zaki, and Hassan invited us toContinue reading “From the Hammock of James – Most Surprising Country – Lebanon”

From the Hammock of James 11/13/21

I knew it would happen.  I was in charge of planning flights and lodgings.  Many of you know that I am not very good at organizing, calendars, etc.  We got to Costa Rica without any problems – jumped through all the right hoops like QR health codes, flight tickets out within 90 days, and vaccinationContinue reading “From the Hammock of James 11/13/21”